Mailbag questions for this week

Please respond with any questions you’d like answered in this week’s mailbag.

Anything new on Tacollini?

does rw3’s injury have any impact on whether his brother is recruited/signed by us?

If our running back grade was a 9 (on a ten scale) prior to RWiii’s departure, what is it now?

Is the Mercedes Dome behind schedule for the Bama v Florida State kick off Labor Day weekend?

Can Juan Day be a legit #3 tailback and thus allow Hammonds to stay in the hybrid role and Hardin to redshirt?

Will the new RRS videoboards be an improved or newer generation hi-def version?

If running up the middle was poor last year with RWIII, how well will the team be able to run hard up the middle with freshmen running backs (even if the line is improved)?

What is the likelihood that Chase Hayden is the #3 TB this fall instead of Day or Hammonds?

Do you think Austin Allen will struggle early next season due to inexperienced WR’s?

This is a Hog mailbag and your question has nothing to do with the Hogs. But according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution website today, they expect to be able to play a Falcons preseason game there on August 26, so if that holds, the Bama game should not be a problem. … regional-/