Magic # is 1 to win the division

1 win by us or MS loss will wrap it up,hopwfully we will enjoy the full house and spank the Gators 3 times


And it is 2 to win the overall SEC.

I expect Vandy to sweep next weekend. But even if they do, that would get them to 20-9 thanks to their rain out. Two wins by us and we are at 21 wins and they can’t catch us.

Tennessee, we in effect have a 2 game lead over them. I don’t expect them to sweep SC, but they could. But is we take 2 out of 3 from UF, we win the tie breaker, so even if they sweep SC, we would be good.

This is baseball!!!


Which is why I have been saying for about a month now that the Tennessee series was THE most important series of the season. We already had tie-breakers over MSU and Ole Miss; and we were not going to play Vandy (in the regular season). Winning series against all contenders for the overall title best positions us to win in any given scenario, ties or not. Yesterday’s game was bigger than many of our fans realized; it was not just to win that one series…it was probably THE key win to catapult us to a SEC Championship.

A month back, the Florida series was also looming large. It still does…but we get them at Baum, and they have stubbed their toe a few times along the way. If we win just one game with Florida, we eliminate them from contention. Our only vulnerability then would be a Vandy sweep while we lost 2 out of 3.

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Personally,I never liked operating under the theory of thus and so is what we have to do to NOT lose. YUCK

I may be wrong about this, but the tie breakers we have over MSU and Tennessee only really come into play for the seeding of the SEC tournament don’t they. If any of them have the same record as the Razorbacks, then its a co-champion type deal.

I want the outright championship and I’m grew up an only child so I’m stingy and selfish so I never learned very well how to share. So I don’t want to share this either. :slight_smile:

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I’m with your thought exactly. Win the whole thing! SEC and the West. No ties. Let all of those teams worry about tie breakers.

That’s my understanding, too. And I don’t want to share the title, either

I like the way you guys think…I, too, would strongly prefer an unshared title.

However, if we do end up tied with someone, I’d prefer having the tie-breaker over them so we’d be considered the “higher seeded” team, although the way the SECT is structured, SECW #1 has a slot, and SECE #1 has a slot, regardless of who has the better record.

It will be exciting to have a series against the pre-season #1 in a full Baum with so much at stake. Can’t wait!

Finally Baum will be full this weekend for the Florida series and our Hogs will play in front of the crazy fans at home!
Wining the west or the SEC title would be cool! Maybe the SEC broadcast bozo’s will finally shut their mouths. I’m hoping the hogs take game 1 and
Game 2’. Game 3 is like to win but man it would be nice To see some young pitchers get some work and sharpen up before Hoover and regional!
No tie breaker needed just WIN!

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