What is the number of the Hawgs Illustrated office? I haven’t received the LSU issue. I was wanting to try to get them to send another copy. Our mail service has lost that copy, just like they did with my b-ball parking pass

No real complaint here, but I just got the issue printed after the Ole Miss game last week. Pulled it out of the mailbox, took a look at the cover and said, “Huh?” Yes, I failed to provide my updated address until midseason, but still to get issues out of order is weird. May just be USPS weirdness (don’t get me started on that).

The office number is 1-800-757-6277.

Don’t get me started on the US Lostal Service.

Ha. Lostal. Typo. It is appropriate.

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We have a new mail carrier every other day. We have been getting other peoples mail, I will take it to them, I wonder if ours gets thrown away if someone else gets ours. Thanks Matt, Clay.

I didn’t get the LSU issue either. I decided to just read the digital version of the magazine online, but I had to log-in for that, and it rejected my log-in. So I just gave up.

Maybe I got the log-in wrong. I stay logged in to the board, so maybe I don’t remember it correctly.

Call customer service and they can help with the log-in.

And a reminder (like y’all haven’t heard this) the phone number and contact information can be found in the FAQ thread. You might want to check it out, it shows up on the forums front page (third from the top, on the right). There is some good stuff in that thread.

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I called that number 2 different times today, nobody answered the phone.

I had to let is ring and ring. Finally somebody helped he. It was noon and a Kathy helped them out and answered the phone… It does work.

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I emailed them and got a response, they fixed me up, going to send another copy .

Yesterday I received the HI from the Miss State win and pre LSU. Last Friday got the LSU win issue. Hey. At least I got 'em.

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