Magazine Delivery

Are others having issues getting your magazine delivered in a timely fashion? I pay for first class, since I live out of state. So far I have gotten only two magazines. Both came the Thursday after the game they were previewing. I never got a magazine previewing the Cincinnati game. I assume there was one.

Both of the issues I received came in a plain white envelope. No return address, no HI logo. Nothing to indicate First Class other than some small print on the postage stamp. The zip code on the postage indicated that they were not mailed in Arkansas.

Maybe this has been a problem in past years, but I don’t think so. Prior to this year I was having the magazine delivered to my grandson in Savannah, but his family is spending the year out of the country, so I changed delivery back to me. He never complained about getting the issues late.

I got the SoCar preview. I never got the Misery State preview, or the A&M preview.

This weeks magazine came on Thursday but the other two before it, one came on Saturday and the other was Monday. We have had fits with our mail carriers changing, wrong stuff delivered to wrong houses, etc. so it may not be HI’s fault.

The packaging is certainly cheaper. I get first class delivery also, and used to get my magazine Tuesday or Wednesday. This week I got it Thursday, and that was the earliest in a few weeks. Others have been on Saturday, and I go to the games, so I wouldn’t get to see the preview of the game that I attended until I got home and it was already played. One other big noticeable item is that the magazine is now using cheaper paper inside the covers, vs the glossy pages that we’ve always had.

Mail service is terrible right now. I’ve had two instances in the last couple of months of letters taking 9 days to get from Fayetteville to Springdale… . .

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This is not a recent problem because its the main reason I quit getting the magazine several years ago. I was so dang frustrated in the constant late delivery and the poor condition the magazine arrived at my place just outside of Fort Smith. It was always late and always beat up. Like some else had it a few days before they got it to me.

I always thought they needed to give the option of receiving a PDF version to subscribers, but that never happened. I can think of several reasons why, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

The Atlanta newspaper no longer is available via home delivery except for Sunday. Brave new world.

Got my Missouri State preview Wednesday. I’m accustomed to it so I just grin and bear it. The problem is with USPS.


There is a PDF version of the magazine uploaded with each new issue.

Our circulation team has been in communication with the postal service trying to get this resolved.

I’ve posted this in some other threads, but perhaps you’ve missed it.

There has been a world-wide shortage in glossy paper and it has recently affected HI. It is temporary. We’re hopeful to have a full magazine of glossy pages again soon.

Firewallet identified the source of the problem in a recent thread. Suffice it to say the person in charge of USPS will benefit financially if USPS goes away, and his policies reflect that reality.

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Matt, I can vouch for this. For the first time, my annual (2023) Medicare booklet came in a very poor grade of paper, instead of the normal glossy (or maybe semi-gloss) paper.

As a side note, I signed up for all digital years ago with Medicare, but they still send this huge annual book every year. I guess they’ve decided everyone needs this huge document on paper. It would probably help the shortage if they would stop sending these to those who get everything else pertaining to Medicare digitally.

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Update: My A&M preview magazine arrived today.

I got 3 HI mags in a span of 2 weeks. The third being the a/m preview

I just got the Bama preview issue. It’s printed on papyrus, and instead of photos, it has really cute drawings by Scottie’s kids. And we beat A&M by 63.


Is access to that free for all paid subscribers or do you have to pay extra to read it on line?

Never mind. I logged in with my username and password and read it all. I would be fine if you did not mail me any magazine and I just read it online. I do this with the Demozette paper here in Little Rock, even though we do get a real paper on Sundays, I never pick it up. I talked to Philip Martin, one of the main writers at the paper, and he tells me this online only 6 days a week with an Ipad give away is a huge success and the rest of the journalism world is amazed. Well, it works for me and I would be fine doing that with the Hawgs Ilustrated magazine as well. I buy a second subscription for my father, who refuses to touch a computer, so don’t do away with the magazine totally for his sake.

I couldn’t get logged in with my user name, so I tried my email address and was allowed in. I did look at my user profile to make sure which email address I was using. I set up an alternative at some point, but luckily my main email is in use here.

BTW, it’s much easier to read (for me anyway) on my iPad.

I received 3 mags this week. Rarely read them. Tried to just do online and get a better price but was told it’s the same. So they send them and I try to give them away. Amazing the shortage of things- glossy paper, baby food and employees.

Open them up! Our guys have been putting together some really good stuff lately. I’ve particularly enjoyed Andrew Joseph’s feature on the FHS baseball players committed to Arkansas and Clay’s where are they now features.