Magazine Cover

We think you’ll like the cover of our next issue, which was finished last night. If you don’t want to wait to read the content, don’t forget that you can view the magazine digitally using your login credentials for this website. Here is the link: … llustrated

Just a note about the login: the site would not accept my userid from WHS, but my email address did work. I used all lower case to login, even though my email is usually given in mixed case.

I wasn’t aware we could read the digital magazine, Matt. Thanks for the heads up.

Ben Goff got a great photo for us. Kai Caddy did a great job with the design.

Clay we moved and I have not received my print addition HI’s… Who do I need to call?

That phone number can be found in the Contact Customer Service topic within the F.A.Q. thread (pinned atop every forum on this site.)

It is also in your magazine.

[size=150]Hawgs Illustrated subscription questions: (800) 757-6277[/size]