Made mistake of listening to Drivetime Sports in LR-----

------the other day when a regular, apparently, gripper on the subject called to complain again about them not playing Jefferson since he was the only QB with great running ability on the roster. Of course, Moaning Marcus agreed with him. They acted like there was some kind of racial conspiracy keeping the best QB from playing.

So, the same coaches who recruited Deshaun Watson and Kelly Bryant and played them exclusively at QB suddenly can’t see that they have a similar quarterback on the bench who needs to be starting?!?!?! Do you think it could be that they see them in practice and know which ones are most likely to succeed at this time at Arkansas?!?!?! Of course the “legends in their own mind” on Drivetime Sports know better. Marcus Elliott has not had one positive thing to say about Arkansas since Stan Heath got fired and he attracts the nut fringe of the sports call-in world to his show. I turned it off. That is the stupidest radio sports talk show in America, without a doubt.

KJ is the QB on campus with the most potential, but both he and his high school coach talked about how it would be best for him to redshirt this year as he gets a feel for the big advancement that there is from high school football to SEC.

They should get a grip. :grin:

Sad and miserable people sill mired and haunted by their unfortunate past.

Spell Nazi. Griper just didn’t look right.

I heard that segment too and was disgusted by it. I like Marcus, but he should be ashamed of himself. The Trey Biddy segment of the show is the only part of that show worth listening to.

That is a fact, but usually Trey gets interrupted by clowns “wanting to get in the little book” predicting the score for the next Hog game. Who cares what every doofus thinks the score will be? They are just trying to get by with mindless pap because they are too lazy to have an intelligent opinion, actually go to a practice, talk to a player, talk to a coach, or even go to a game.