Made it to the Coop

And there are a BUNCH of Hog fans here.

Some similarities to BWA. I understand the Poultry people toured our place before building this.

I got this seat for less than face value, by the way.

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Looking at the crowd, I think we had more people at gymnastics last night.

Cool! Enjoy the game. When I retire or slow down, wife and I plan to tour all our away games in the conference.

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Our plan as well

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Want to do it for hoops and football and baseball!

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Stay in touch
We will make a team effort of it

Heck yeah! I’ve got one more that wants to go to med school then I’m slowing down! One year doing the SEC, and another year I want to go deer hunting in Canada and Midwest then to Texas or Mexico to chase monster bucks!

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Glad you made it to the game and pulled us through. A cousin who does not live in reality asked if we were at the Duke-UNC game. Tickets were not under face value, they were a little over face value. Like $800 over face value from what we saw. And both teams, although good, were unranked. On the other hand, Cameron Indoor Stadium is only 10 miles down the road from us, so transportation costs would have been less :smile:.

Arena security chased away the little cluster of Hog fans behind our bench after the game. Including Danyelle; she and I left at the same time. Spoke to her and Hunter Yurachek briefly.

The goofball in the glasses and Hog cap behind/to the left of Danyelle is me.


That’s the most distinguished looking goofball I’ve seen in a while.

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My gosh. All those pretty ladies and then whatever that was behind them.


My son says I photobombed them. Guilty as charged.

You are guilty as charged, but at least you got to see the game in person, and the view was nice.

Official crowd was 11558 but that’s tickets sold. No way there were that many there. Upper deck was darn near empty.

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