Mad. But getting better with it.

I can’t explain what happened to my favorite basketball program I watched from youth in 70’s for almost three decades of b-ball.

The dark days post Richardson seem so avoidable but they are our history now.

Having Mike back is like having a family member running your program.

I love him and he has brought back stability.

I’m anxious for the next steps on more consistent basis which I think befitting a great program, which we have been in the past.

I think we can do it.

I don’t need final fours every year.

But hope not to be blown out in first games either.

I think we can be among the elite and expected to be among elite again.

Maybe we are far away, maybe we are really close.

I just hope the program we all love can live up to the hopes of all who love it.

I was just as disappointed as everyone else but I went back and watched the game again. Butler just outshot us. Just like Tennessee did. Some days the other teams are just better. Look at all the upsets now. I think we are getting there. I don’t think firing the coach is the answer, unless all the coaches who have been upset this weekend gett fired, the other teams just played better. I predicted the hogs to the sweet 16 but I got over it. I’m focused on baseball now. It’s a kids game. Nothing more nothing less.

Love it.

B-ball program feels like building back from scratch (yes I know we were good three decades before when good)

But b-ball is supposed to be won by teams that care to win.

And seems like we are trying harder but have a way to go to help two generations of fans understand what’s going on with program expectations.