Macon's On Ball Defense

Just rewatched the game. He was the glove during the final stretch.

The on ball defense was better than normal. Cook was better at times. It was noticeable how Thomas was missed. Bardford had the best defensive play with steal for the dunk late.
The hogs need to put an extra effort in rebounding today. Good win last night.

Our guards match up really well with South Carolina’s guys. We have a quickness advantage which is fairly unusual in SEC play, especially with point guards. Macon is generally playing better defense now, as is Barford. Even CJ showed a couple of flashes last night, which was encouraging. The guy who is going to be a stopper as he gets older is Hall.

How was Thomas missed? I didn’t notice. I did notice that Bailey didn’t give up 2 or 3 3 point plays.