I sure am glad Macon grew… Believe it or not, he was like 5’8 (if even that tall) in the 9th grade… even skinnier, but he has always been an excellent shooter.

I remember his 9th grade year at Parkview (Anton Beard’s freshman year at Parkview too)… Macon had not played the entire game (Anton was a starter… so was Aaron Ross)… they were playing Bobby Portis’ Hall team in the Jammin for Jackets Tourney… Hall was up like 12 with less than 4 mins left in the game. In comes Macon… little bitty guy… literally, the smallest thing on the court… really small… they run some baseline picks for him… he hits a 20 ft three… next possession, they do the same thing… he hits one from like 22 feet… next possession… Hall is all over him as soon as he passes half court, but during that possession, after a few seconds he receives the ball 25 feet or more from the basket, and he drains another three. The crowd went absolutely wild… it was a sight to see… needless to say, Parkview won that game and a huge reason for it was little old Macon who had not played a second of the game until they needed him the most.

That was my introduction to Daryl Macon.

Sweet!!! I like it. I’m expecting big things from him. Can’t wait to watch him/ them. I haven’t been this excited for BB season in a long time. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an awesome story. Macon definitely has that swagger about him. I was watching his interview yesterday, his interview was longer than everybody else’s the kid is just confident in everything he does and says. Really hoping that translate to him being a good high major player.

I like the sound of a Macon, Barford and Hannahs starting backcourt, but do wonder about the offensive drop-off with the second unit. Wonder if Anderson will adjust his substitution pattern this year to keep, at minimum, at least one of these three on the court at all times except in extreme mop-up situations.

I think you’re right. He can stagger the rotations. The first 5 guards are pretty clear cut right now.

While I think we know who will be the best lineups on the floor… I don’t think that will be the starting five all the time… that may be the starting group in or around conference time most of the time, but I predict CMA will start Beard b/c he’s been there and kept his nose clean… I also think there’s a possibility he starts Manny instead of those. I don’t think Manny and Beard starts together, but I think they’ll start a lot of the year. I also think there’s a possibility that he starts Trey… CMA is Loyal to his players that have stuck with him and have improved.

I think either Macon or Barford will start the year coming off the bench.

I could see that happening. Would fit what Mike’s done in the past, for sure.

I don’t think it has to do with loyalty. It is about trust. He trusts returnees more until the new guys prove it on the court in game situations.