Has been off since the ankle injury in Portland and he started slow tonight with his shooting (assists were awesome) but toward the end of the game, it seemed like he was getting back in the groove.

The good news is that we’ve got enough weapons to not automatically lose when Macon (or Barford) is in a mini-slump for a game or two. Most of our recent teams relied on “all cylinders to be hitting” for us to win against good competition.

Better news - he’ll soon be out of this “slump”; he’s too good a shooter for it to continue (based on the entire 2016-2017 season).

If you had told me that Macon and Barford would be a modest 4 of 13 from the arc and that we would lose the line 24 to 7, my first choice of how this game will proceed wouldn’t have been that we cruise to a wire-to-wire victory. Without Lynch in the middle most of the night they couldn’t defend us anywhere. We had five players in double figures. You can see the rotations starting to balance out. Our O is not got going to have an easy target to focus on in a month. Macon will start getting more looks.

I love the way the points were spread around. Difficult to defend that. Need to bottle it and take it on the road. The conference is more balanced this year it seems. Good, tough games between end of December and end of February. Gonna be fun!