Macon Tweet

They notice. And several of them could have gone to programs that (right now) are much better.

And, a big, active crowd helps our system more than maybe any other in the country.

I really hope our fans will set aside whatever is turning them away and give this kids a chance.

They work hard and are much better and more talented than some on this board would have you believe.

Dusty also took note and tweeted about it.


This message board consists of two classes. Those that always go to the games, and those that never go to the games. I don’t think there’s anyone on this board that can be convinced to attend more games. At least not by you.

Saturday was fun and I suspect tomorrow night is going to be awesome. I actually had to share an armrest Saturday night… good problem, though.

And then there are those of us that live out of state that would like to attend but typically can’t.

At least not by me? Weird comment. I wasn’t really the one doing the convincing. The title of the thread is “Macon Tweet”.

It does not say “Notorious P.I.G.” tweet.

I was just pointing out that they notice the crowd (or lack thereof) and that it matters.

When I retire in 9 months and move home I will have my butt in one of those seats.

Trust me. Retirement does not mean “do anything you want when you want”. Unless you don’t have any family. Family’s expectations of you change when you retire.

Retire from the military, but I will still continue to work. The difference is I will be back in NWA when I’m working vice a thousand miles away. I’m definitely getting season tickets. Looking forward to watching Gafford, Garland, Perry and others running and dunking the next few years.

Good to hear that. Better lock up season tickets now. Lower tier is getting fuller every season. Also thanks for your service.

If they win fans will come. I get the fact that if fans come, they have a better shot at winning. But from a practical stand point, got to win first.

Part of our attendance problem is, the attendance problem! When any commodity is scarce, it builds its own demand. Back in the day when I was in college (didn’t go to UA for undergrad), it was pretty hard to get tickets to a game in Barnhill. If I got a chance to snag good tickets for a game, I would think long and hard about saying “no.” It didn’t matter much who the opponent was. If I didn’t go, when would I get another chance? Today. Very different. I know in my head I can get tickets to any game I want. Sad to say, that makes the “wanting” less.

Now, that is only part of the problem. But it is really a part of the problem. It will fix itself if we start winning at a high level again. It will “snowball.”