Macon’s interview....

After the game when interviewed by the TV dude he made me smile when he said that the Hogs get no respect. Mike is drilling into their heads the Nolan mantra of “Us vs the World”. Love it!

Yes, and I like it

We don’t! 30 seconds into the post game show slimebag Seth Greenberg changes the conversation to Duke without saying one work about the Arkansas game

Yea that’s what I thought as well. We just played a hell of a game & he wanted to talk about Duke without so much as saying - good game by the Razorbacks. Or if he did I missed it.

Isn’t Seth the guy supposedly involved with the whole Reggie Perry situation?

We don’t get any respect, but we haven’t earned any in 20 years. We have a chance this afternoon to earn some. We wanted the game against North Carolina. Now we have it. Let’s see if we can do anything with it. We have a solid team with 2 excellent guards, a promising newcomer center and a few good role players. That can take you a pretty good ways.

I’m worried that win or lost today, and Sunday could be a letdown. You want to see respect, beat #9 UNC today, and #4 Michigan St on Sunday. According to RPI Wizard, that would makes us 6-0 with the #1 RPI and #1 SOS.

Abosolutely have to earn respect. But Mike convincing these guys it’s “Us against the world” is classic Nolan. I believe MIke has developed a team this year. Teamwork among talented players = a lot of wins.

Hope I’m right.

We have won 27, 22 and 25 the last 3 years. That’s certainly nothing earth-shattering, but it’s solid.

Meanwhile, teams like Bama and Mizzou who have done nothing have been media darlings based on hype of new recruits–while we have Gafford, who no one has mentioned, nationally.

So, I’m not sure it’s about earning the respect. Respect is handed over pretty quickly if you are one of the media darlings and you kiss a lot of media butt.

I think with what we did last year, who we have coming back and in and the start we are off to, our OU win maybe warranted a sentence or two.

We won 16 games in 2016.

So it has been said on here. Coached Reggie this summer overseas on adidas team right before the decommitment.