Macon on future: "No comment"

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Interesting exchange between he and Bob Holt after the game.

I’d heard he was potentially thinking about leaving early in the season, but was recently told that wasn’t likely. But this makes it seem like it’s not a done deal that he’s coming back. We shall see.

Would be mistake unless he wants to play overseas. That can be good money, but I think that is a shortsighted view. Hope he comes back.

Big mistake if that happens IMO…Hopefully post game frustration and emotion

I thought we was a Hog through and through. He seems so honored and thrilled to be playing for the Razorbacks that I would think he would stay. Seems you never know these days though.

Hope he doesn’t pull a Portis. Bobby talked about taking Hogs to where Corliss took us and having a banner just like Corliss and then left without delivering. Macon has talked about taking Hogs back to glory days. Round of 32 is not glory days.

Jimmy, I love your stuff, but aren’t you reading too much into his “no comment” comment?

Our history points to guys leaving early and great expectations for next year turning into another step back and wait until next year. ala Potris and Qualls.

I also worry even more about Barford coming back.

At least in Duds story pinned up top, Barfight Barford talks about next year and playing with the incoming class

Perhaps. But Bob didn’t even broach the subject initially and only did because of Macon’s answer. So it’s interesting. He could have just been frustrated in the moment with the loss. Like I said, I’d heard recently that he was probably coming back.

Did the NBA change things up or can he still declare and then back out as long as he does not hire an agent? I would think he and Barford would both try to get some evaluation on where they stand with the pros. I could see either one going overseas and playing for a few years, and then trying to work their way into the NBA, ala Patrick Beverly, but neither one of those guys would get drafted right now.

As always with these things, there can be some things pushing the player into going somewhere to earn some money. I hope that both listen to a guy they can talk to every day about the perils of going pro at the wrong time-Scotty Thurman.

Would be a complete fool to come out. I do some work for the NBA D League and what is not told are the number of college underclassmen that play in this league that don’t make it. These kids get terrible advice and it kills their chances. Macon shouldn’t even be considering the NBA. I hope he isnt getting bogus advice.

very surprised if Macon and Barford don’t put their name in the draft to learn the same thing that Kingsley did last year - you not going to be drafted, but he is what you need to work on.

I would also be surprised if they would head to Europe.

I think - and have been told often - that everybody will be back.

Daryl was extremely distraught about the lost. I’m sure he didn’t want to hear the question, but it is one that had to be asked.

All that being said, I never say never anymore

It’s definitely worth discussion. Like you said, if he knew he was coming back next year as a sure thing, he wouldn’t have done the whole “no comment” thing. If he is thinking of entering his name in the draft, I’m confused on who told him he would get drafted. I mean you can do a simple google search of you’re name and mock drafts, and if most mock sites don’t even have a profile made for you, chances are you need to return to school. Even if he wants to go overseas, going back to school makes more financial sense. Another year, and even if you’re not an NBA prospect you can improve your value overseas. Makes no sense to

A bigger question is what is it about Arkansas that we get guys that leave early that have little to no chance of getting drafted. You look at programs like Villanova, Louisville, North Carolina their guys stay all 4 years unless it’s a 100% chance they get drafted. If Macon does decide to leave early this would make 4 guys in the last few years that left the program to enter the draft that had little to no chance of getting drafted. It’s tough to be Arkansas and have sustained success if guys keep doing that.

BJ Young and Marshawn Powell both left and weren’t drafted.

I give Powell a pass because he had been in school four years and was ready to leave and make money - knowing it would be overseas.

BJ was not at Arkansas to go to school.

Qualls would have been drafted in the second round if he had not got hurt.

Portis and Beverly were both drafted and both are in the NBA.

Barford and Macon aren’t ready, but as I said, I expect them to get the evals just like Kingsley did in basketball, Ragnow in football, etc.

I don’t think anybody has told him he will get drafted.

Again, I think it is about getting the intel, getting to work out for teams like Moses did with my beloved Celtics

Kingsley, I understand, last year his name was appearing as a late second on some draft boards, it was worth him putting his name in and seeing what happens. However, neither Barford or Macon even have profiles on most mock draft sites. I’m as high on those guys as anybody, said they would be the best back court in the SEC next year, but they both have 0% of being drafted this year, anybody can find that information out right now. Draftexpress talks to NBA scouts on a daily basis, and has a database of thousands of players, if they don’t even bother to make you a profile, your not on any NBA teams radar.

And I’m all for people having confidence, we want guys that have confidence in themselves and want to play at the next level, but at the same time you have to also be realistic. You pretty much know if you have a chance of being drafted or not.

Portis is the only one that was 100% going to get drafted. I thought Qualls was iffy. I know draftexpress prediction for him was late second - undrafted. It wasn’t a for sure thing he would have went in the second round. And most of those late second round picks end up being overseas guys that teams just hold their rights too. That seems to be the thing now for teams to do. I thought if Qualls would have returned, he could have played himself into a first round pick.

the rules these days allow you to go to workouts, pull your name out and retain your eligibility.

And you get feedback.

I don’t see this as a bad thing and is a benefit for the kids.

It is not like it used to be

Should he not return, I don’t blame Macon or any star athletic if he or she decides not to return. They are treated like slaves and denied fundamental rights. Since the NCAA does not require schools to cover sports-related injuries - it’s optional, they are not covered by workmen’s compensation in the event a major injury that makes them of no value to university. When Kent Waldrep was paralyzed from the shoulders down playing football, TCU pulled his scholarship and stopped paying even his medical bills.

Amateurism’ and the ‘student-athlete’- are cynical hoaxes, legalistic confections propagated by the universities so they can exploit the skills and fame of young athletes. They are not allowed to receive compensation for their likeness, for wearing name brand shoes or logos, or other compensation. However, even if on a scholarship, no one tells a student on a music scholarship that she can’t sign a recording contract or that an English major can’t sign a publishing contract. And, since sports take priority over classes, typically they don’t get a worthwhile education and are forbidden or discouraged from enrolling in majors that truly have an economic value because the demands would interfere with practice and playing in games.