Macon has ice water...

In his veins.

Nice win Hogs. Reb Black Bears played hard.

Macon knows how to draw contact too. Can’t make the FTs if refs don’t blow the whistle first.

It irritates me to no end how often Barford draws contact without a foul.

Same here my friend.

Macon and Hannah’s free throw shooting, as well as Bardford tonight was outstanding. Macon missed one early in the game. But late game there’s no one better on the line than Macon. And he will be back next year!
I thought we played careless on some fast breaks that kept us from building a lead.
Good win!

Anytime the game is on the line and Daryl gets foul, it’s money.

all over the court. Barford did not get calls on early drives and then never got a consideration, even out of control is a foul. His problem is that it was mostly his legs under attack. Dustin and Moses had awful hands and made a lot more loose balls that created some chaos. Seemed to be only one biased ref and he still gave Dusty 2 shots a couple of times when the foul seemed to be on the floor. All our guys are ready to step to the line, but Daryl and Dusty are what strikes fear into OM fans and players.

Why do our cheerleaders hold their shimmering white poms up eye high while our guys were shooting into them in the second half?

mr clutch on the line!!!

Only FT Macon missed was after he got slammed…I think it threw him off kilter for a second. He recovered nicely. What a great feeling to know we have so many solid FT shooters.

There is a reason Mike jokingly called Barford, Baby Shack. When hit, the defenders bounce off him rather Barford getting moved off his position. Refs treat that as “no harm no foul”.