Macon clutch down the stretch on the line

Big win, just when quite a few thought the sky was falling last week

On this board? Anyone doing Chicken Little? Only on days ending in Y. :roll:

Just call him Daryl Make Um. The guy was quiet until it counted. Pulled us through at the end.

It appears our guards play will have to carry the team until our bigs get going

I dont know that our bigs are going to get going this season. Our strength is our guards.

It was great to see that Daryl doesn’t let his poor shooting affect his free throws. He was 1-6 from the field. Most college players, even good players, let a poor shooting night affect them at the free throw line. I don’t know how Daryl makes such a great percentage of his three throws with as little arc as he puts on the ball. He really takes his time, totally focuses, and shoots like a machine with every stroke identical.

Moses will be up and down. I don’t know that we’re going to get any kind of consistent production out of the Trey/Thomas/Cook combo.

I didn’t even realize he was 1/6 shooting until I looked at the box score. To go 1/6 and really struggle shooting and then win the game at the free throw line and end up with 15 points, really shows a lot. I can’t think of situation where somebody has shot that bad and ended up with numbers like that.

If Moses could slow down a half count, back his man down, get a good angle, with strong finish, he is going to score or get fouled. Rushing a weak shot with poor angle gets blocked too often.

That 1 shot he hit was huge though.

Nice Trade “Jimmy Buckets” for “Makin Buckets”.