Macon, Barford participating in 3 on 3 Tournament at Final Four?

Apparently so. Here is the link:

Also - and separately - I have seen unsubstantiated reports elsewhere that some recent ex-Razorbacks will form a team and participate in a different tournament this summer. It’s kind of a “fantasy” tournament, with cash payouts to players and fans. Anyone else heard anything about it?

I haven’t heard about the 3-on-3 tournament, but someone wrote me a few weeks back about the other event you reference. Apparently the team will include Moses Kingsley, Ky Madden and Jabril Durham, among others.

Thanks Matt.

Maybe you can check on both of these and give us an update?

I have asked Scottie to look into it.

The UA alums have a crowdfunding page set up to pay their expenses to the tournament. I saw tweets about it today. Apparently our roster will include Qualls, Ky, Moses, Alandise Harris and a few others.

I watched some of The Tournament on ESPN this past summer. I don’t know much about it, but I do know that the team that wins The Tournament gets $1M for winning.

I’ve reached out to Daryl and Jaylen about this. Hoping to get something from them soon.

So, Jaylen and Daryl will not take part in this after all. They were both nominated for it by a large panel of college basketball outlets, analysts and writers but will not be playing. The SEC team will have Georgia’s Juwan Parker and Yante Maten, Frank Booker of South Carolina and Kassius Robertson of Missouri.

I’m thinking that this is a business decision both made in terms of the schedules both have set up for training, NBA tryouts, etc. Would have loved to see them play, but understand the longer-term decision.

As for the Summer Tournament, it’s being reported that the roster will be:

  1. Michael Qualls
  2. Moses Kingsley
  3. Rashad Madden
  4. Dusty Hannahs
  5. Alandise Harris
  6. Jabril Durham
  7. Marshawn Powell
  8. Jacorey Williams
  9. Ronnie Brewer
  10. TBD