Macon and Barford

Did playing with older guards last year make Daniel Gafford look better than he actually is at this stage

He is doubled every play. The guard that doubles down on him, well our guard isn’t moving to the open spot for a wide open three.

The movement once the ball go inside of the open guard will come. It takes some time for the young players to see what’s going on and learn how to react and where to go.


Gafford is really good. He’s projected to be a lottery pick. He had 22 and 10 in the opener despite lots of double teams and tonight he was double and triple teamed all night (which helped lead to Bailey’s big game).

It has only been a few games but this group seems to look for him a lot more than last year’s. Gafford is going to have a really good year.

Sometimes it’s important to look at what the other teams are doing and take that into account. Defenses are collapsing on him and he’s learning to deal with it TWO games into the role as focal point.

But make no mistake—Gafford is really, really good.

I agree Gafford is really really good …yet I don’t think he is a lottery pick yet…granted I did before this season. But my idea of a lottery pick is a franchise player I think Gafford is a little ways away from being close to that. He needs to improve his passing out of the low post, he needs to stop falling to the ground and get stronger, he needs to develop post moves and stop turning the ball over in the low post by bringing the ball low… he needs to show he can consistently hit the mid-range and to truly be a game changer like he’s capable of being he needs to develop a three point shot… To me Bobby Portis was a better overall player at this stage than Gafford is. I think at the least Gafford needs to return his junior year, he will be a better player for it. But if Gafford leaves after this season, unless he improves in all of those categories I named, then he will end up in the D league and dubbed as “A player oozing with potential”

The NBA people disagree. And the 19-20 year old “finished product” that you describe happens like once a decade or generation. Ayton was 1/1 last year and wasn’t as polished a player as you describe.

And, Gafford will benefit from the wide open style of play in the NBA. He won’t have players draped on him every time he touches the ball.

NBA GM’s are not just known for picking winners and I’m sure not every GM is salivating over Daniel. Daniel is a great player with unlimited upside on the court but 6 turnovers is a turnoff I don’t care how high he jumps. All I’m saying is he should return because to be a future franchise/championship player he has a ways to go. If your just looking to be another Clint Capelia then he can go to the league today and be that but if he wants to be the next dominant big man in the mold of The Big O from Houston, Shaw, Anthony Davis, KG etc then he has a ways to go but I believe he can get there if he doesn’t rush the process

Clint Capella is a helluva player. If he plays at that level he will make some team very happy.

IMO, it isn’t so much what what Daniel isn’t as it is what isn’t around him.

We’ve got a lot of young talent, and I’m anxious to see them continue to develop. But, oh, what I’d give for an “alpha” guard with a year or two of experience playing real games (not red-shirting) in Bud Walton. Either of the previously mentioned Barford or Macon would really help, as would any one of our many past Razorback leaders at guard. Beck, Mayberry, Sidney, Boot, Sky Walker, etc.

What I see is exactly what I expected to see very early this season - a bunch of guys trying to figure out who the leader on the court is. And, in the absence of a defined ‘pecking order’, a rotation of each of the candidates trying to do just a little too much, which leads to unforced turnovers, a few ill-advised shots, far too many clanked free throws and overall inefficiency. But at least, they are busting their butts and trying to do positive things. It’s clear it matters to them to do well. And, of course, much of it is good; some very good.

I just think it would come along faster with a veteran guard leading things. I was hoping that Harris would have that calming influence on the others, but so far he has not; at least, not to my eye. With leadership still developing in the back court, Gafford has tried to exhibit leadership from the post, with uneven results so far. But he’s best when he has a good guard to play off of - no bulletin there. He’s not a Kevin Durant type of player. Still, I applaud his effort.

I’m not bagging on the team, at all - just stating what I see so far. To me, the question is how long it takes for someone to emerge as a leader, and for us to jell into the team we can be.

I agree but Clint is not a franchise/MVP caliber player that’s what I believe Daniel can achieve… Focus on my message not just a sentence or two

I think Jalen with time will be a good floor general but I’m like you in hoping we can hopefully put a complete team together sooner than later

I think Tyson Chandler in his prime and Clint Capela is his ceiling, which as I noted before is pretty damn good. I don’t think he has the skill set to be a Anthony Davis or Kevin Garnett.

Idk for some reason I really believe Daniel can be a Garnett type player with hard work on improving his craft… I see him as possibly the best hog we ever had on the college and NBA level but I truly feels he needs to stay beyond this year and continue to develop to achieve it

He’s definitely looking like the overall number 5 pick instead of the number 1. It’s a shame. if only he had Macon and Barford one more year to save the double team every play. I don’t know what you think he should look like but if you don’t think he looks better this year than last then you should go watch film.

Response: I would not use your wording, simply Daniel has gone from the third option last year to the first, double team on every play so far this season, hence he has to fight through holding and Clinching, the two previous teams we played could throw big bodies with length and size that held and leaned on him constantly, and he still managed to score double digits… as our guards continue to score consistently Daniel won’t have to work so hard to get open…

Response- Actually I believe this scenario is better for Daniel in the long run, both guards wings and Chaney or Gabe will have to step-up quickly. If Bailey proves to be a double digits scorer consistently look for him to come off the bench to lead and set the tone for that 2nd wave of players they just need leaders to be able to get that tough basket, perhaps another Qualls from the Lou

I love DG effort and enthusiasm but don’t really think he will be someone we can throw it into and depend on his low post game consistently, just not who he is,but he will get his share of put backs and dunks and can a real force on defense if he will be careful.

I agree he is not someone you give the ball to create and score if you need a clutch basket, His game reminds me of Anthony Davis. AD was not used at Kentucky the way you describe above either. At the same time, Gafford has a chance to develop into much more than dunks and putbacks. I expect him to knock down midrange jump shots this season with regularity. He has a perfect stroke for it.

Anthony Davis grew up playing guard so he already had that skill set. Gafford has never played guard, and in fact if I remember correctly came to BB later then most.

With that said his shot is not broken and I see him eventually able to knock down 12-17 foot jumpers.

After listening to coach Richardson’s I get the idea that he feels the same way I feel about Daniel’s game… he needs to continue to develop and probably come back another year and not rush to the NBA like folks a saying. Gafford would do great if he doesn’t listen to the hype. He has unlimited potential and with patience he could one day be an MVP/franchise player but jumping off the porch to soon come really limit his growth