MA is gone, but Jeff Goodman still anti-Hogs

No mention of Justin Smith, who along with Danny Manning became the only players to have 25+ points, 12+ rebounds, 5+ steals and 2+ blocks in NCAA tournament history,

What a magical game by Justin!

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We were most likely on his bracket upset list to.

I don’t think he did one. If he did, he didn’t tweet about it.

You are right. He did not do one.

Spot on PJ. Unfortunately, I feel he’s also played himself into a nice pro job after April.

Just consider the source and over look him! Basketball fans know what happened yesterday on game action and by Goodman writing that article it show how ignorant he is!

More than ignorance, BIASED.

I feel like that is a positive for us. Definitely a selling point for Coach Muss with grad transfers in the future.

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