MA is 25th highest paid college hoops coach

According to report published by USA Today. He’s fifth on the SEC list behind Calipari, Avery Johnson, and the Martins, Frank and Cuonzo.

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Are you saying he is underpaid, overpaid, just right, or just posting the article?

I’ll hang up and listen now.

I think he is just posting the article. It’s a discussion that has been on the board a few times. During football season people on the board would always bring up Bret’s pay and how it compared to others. Some of us asked about the other coaches at UA and how they compared nationally. This is how Mike compared.

Some will say he’s overpaid because he can’t consistently get the Hogs into the Top 25 and others will say the Top 25 is obsolete and should never be a determining factor for a coach’s salary. Personally, I would love to see him get a bump in pay if for no other reason the UA isn’t being drug through the mud of the FBI investigation.


If we win another game in the NCAAT this season, it will be the third time in the last four years that we have a rock-solid case as being among the top 32 on the court and in the computer. As such, I don’t see a great case that he is relatively speaking overpaid.

Yup, just threw it up for discussion. It’s obvious from reading the board that we have some who think Mike is a very good coach and those who wish we still had Eddie Sutton.

Mike is a good coach and I certainly hope hope when he’s done he has a better winning record than Eddie had with the Hogs, if he does he’s going to be getting plenty of raises in the future. I can be tough on Mike and the inconsistency of play at times but he’s done a good job and gettin it done while staying away from NCAA violations is priceless in college basketball these days. WPS

If the tourney mirrors Shelby Mast’s Bracket (it probably won’t) but we’d get St Bonaventure in the 1st round, and Wich St in the 2nd. We’d make the Sweet 16. Unfortunately, then we’d get Purdue and Kansas. Not sure we’d match up well with either of those.

This thing about “inconsistent play at times” is annoying. Is there a college basketball team that has not had inconsistent play at times? I always say our fans know too much about Hogs and not enough about other teams, leading to such comments.


That was a great way of putting it “Our fans know too much about our team”

I really like Mike. There’s no doubt that he, like every coach, will do things that make us all scratch our heads. But, in the big picture, programs need a consistent coach, who is invested in the program, is capable of being successful, and lead the program in the right direction, the right way.

I don’t really value any one of these qualities over the other, and am not willing to sacrifice in one area to excel in another. I want an even across the board, consistent coach. To me, Mike fits that. I don’t get caught up in each game, or each season. My history watched ball in the 90’s, 00’s and now 10’s. I don’t have history back to Sutton. So, for me, I’ve seen us at the top and I’ve seen us at the bottom. And, while I want to get to the top, I never want to be at the bottom. Mike will never, ever have us at the bottom. It’s debatable if he can get us to the top. Regardless, I’m fine with him being our coach for the next decade if I continue to see the results that I’m currently seeing.

That said, I don’t care what he’s paid so long as it ensures he is here. He’s a great dude and a great coach.

If Mike gets us to the Big Dance most years, I think he is making
progress. At some point, the pieces will fall right for us and he
might hang another big banner in the Bud.
The positive manner in the way he represents our university
has to be applauded. His awesome threads are a bonus.

Exactly. You made a key statement about pieces falling right. Most fail to recognize that. For example this year the field is wide open and if Gafford was a sophomore with one more year of experience and Garland was available for guard depth, this could have been it.