M. French

Not sure if it was shared here, I think it was known that this young man from Memphis got into some issues at Knoxville, but I saw where he left UT, possibly a mutual decision. We have heard there were some concerns during his recruiting weekend with the Hogs, so while kids can do dumb things, sometimes those dumb things are not mistakes but a clue as to who they might be. French I think was pretty highly rated in recruiting circles so one would think there is a lot of talent there, Hopefully in making changes, he is wise enough to not just change locations, but makes some life choice changes to keep from closing doors that many of his peers would have used to improve their lives.

He’ll be lucky if his next uniform isn’t an orange jumpsuit, hopefully he gets his head on straight, but i

The young man has issues and need to get his life on track. Sometimes in our society now where anything goes and everything is free kids start thinking they can can what they want and there’s no consequence! In this case there is an immediate reaction to his poor decisions. This starts in grade school and never stops! A product of no discipline

French and one of the other 4 participants in that “acquisition of drugs from a dorm room” have both entered the transfer portal. Comments posted on those 2 stories in local paper show unanimous agreement that they should hit the road. Both charged with misdemeanor counts. Not sure if court dates have been set.

The other issue to think about why would you want this in your locker room or around your team?

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Yea, we dodged a bullet with this guy.

Isn’t he the recruit that got sent home early from a visit here.

That’s him.

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