Lykes is a Hog


WPS. Get my reservations for 2022 Final Four, This guy will have a huge impact.


Welcome young man.:boar::boar:

Wonder how many more “committed” graphics the social media guys have ready to go?

Welcome Chris, from the Razorback Nation. Wait till you play in Bud Walton !!!

Welcome aboard; happy to have you, Chris Lykes!

At least one :wink:

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SIAP, but this video is a good breakdown of how Lykes uses his lack of height to his advantage.


Where’s the Lykes button? I definitely Lykes this!

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Lykes and Devo will have everyone on their feet.

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Is he really 5-7? The Tiny Terror.

Yes, he’s 5-7, and yes he was preseason first-team all-ACC this season before he got hurt.

Well, if a guy is 5-7 and playing major college basketball…he must be somethin’ to see. This ought to be fun.

I hope he rooms with Connor Vanover. :laughing:

Good breakdown of his offense, but how is he at defending? Seems like he would have a tough time with taller guards.

Aloha PJ,

Your optimism for Razorback basketball has taken off like a rocket! Love it!! Your basketball IQ and insight is one of the best on this Forum. It says a lot about the Hogs when you jump on the Muss Buss.


@ScottieBordelon, you’re the master at getting the scoop from the beat reporters on these guys. Go for it!

Reach out to someone yesterday and haven’t heard back. Tried another writer today. I’ll bring it here if I get feedback.

Good find… Very good video

Guy I have to admit along with PJ and his basketball expertise we are not at a loss in any sport with good intel and knowledge of any Hogs Sports.
But especially in the big 3 sports here.
Add to that our sports writers due diligence and we are like spoiled grand kids around here, lol.

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Thrilled with Lykes being a Razorback. If we need someone to handle pressure or run out the clock, we have the perfect answer. ELECTRICITY galore with him and Devo. Talk about a fast pace.