Lunney hopes to keep recruits in fold (story)

Will be interesting to see which ones take the more measured wait and see but I fully understand the reaction and need to protect your own position. Also will be good to see how the new coach can mend fences in short time frame before signing day. Kinda like making in game adjustments during flow of game.

Chandler is gone - be it official or not yet.

I think Stewart, Toll, Wallace and Frazier will do the wait and see thing

We’ll see about Francis, Edwards, Turner and Harris

Will also be interesting to see where these recruits go if not Ark.

Of course it depends on they hire, but I would not be betting on any of them reappearing on the list unless the new coach was recruiting them for his former school.

The kids that have reopened their recruitment were pretty much committed to Morris/Traylor/etc.

What if the new coach retains CBL and Traylor?

Where would you guess he ends up…Clemson? aTm? No tellin’? :sunglasses:

I’d have to look over the landscape and see who is taking two QBs, who doesn’t have one committed, etc.

But he is a really good prospect, not just because his last name is Morris.

Maybe the tight ends (2 of the top 4 in Texas) come back, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

I’d guess the only coach w a chance to be retained is Lunney.

The one thing that I would not do is tell a candidate who his assistant coaches have to be - be it one or several.

That would be a good way to limit your candidates.

I can’t ever remember at Arkansas or anywhere off the top of my head where a new coach
didn’t bring in his own people. He may end up retaining somebody, but his decision.