Lunney and the energy

Suppose Lunney and staff find a way to put a competitive product on the field these next two games with a sense of purpose and performance–even it they lose both games but they are in it unlike the streak since the Auburn game.

What do you think the fan base and those recruits the decommitted reaction would be? Not asking if Lunney should be the coach but rather do you think that changes the national perspective on the past two years? More talent on hand maybe.

May help us hold on to some recruits and/or minimize the transfers if they think Lunney will be retained as assistant or the HC.
On a national scale we will still be thought of as bottom dwellers.

If Barry finds a way to beat Mizzou, I will sure feel a lot better. I’m sure the young talented players will feel better also. If he does that, HY should let it be known that BL will have a prominent role in the program going forward, and leave it at that.