Lunardi's new bracketology

He now has us as a 10 seed, playing Dayton in Tulsa. I love that seed, and hope we stay right here. The 2 seed we would be playing in the 2nd game would be Baylor. They would be my pick to play rather than Louisville, KY, or Oregon, the other 2 seeds.
Obviously, they would never pick us to play KY.

It’s a long time until selection Sunday, but I’d be happy with this, especially in Tulsa. … acketology

Being in the 7-10 game with Baylor as the probable second round opponent in Tulsa sounds absolutely ideal. Too bad it is very unlikely to end up that way. As a side note, I’m surprised he moved us down for losing at Florida.

Looks to me like that would be a path the the sweet sixteen. Home games in Tulsa.

Even if we are lucky enough to win the first game, here is not much chance of making the sweet 16, if our second game is a 2 seed.

It’s the path the hogs have taken before.
It’s a big improvement from the 8-9 path.
I will buy tickets for Tulsa as soon as it’s announced and tickets go on sale.