Lunardi's latest bracketology has Arkansas as an 8th...

seed and 8 SEC teams in.

Yes, they are slumping, but the Razorbacks have an RPI of 24, three wins over Top 50 teams, five over top 100 and no losses to teams outside the top 150.

Obviously can keep themselves in or play their way out in next 13 regular season games and the SEC Tournament. … acketology

I just went to the RPI Wizard, and looked at the remaining schedule. If we win our remaining home games and the 1 road game (according to the Wizard it’s @ Ole Miss that is most winnable). That would make us 20-11, #32 RPI, #28 SOS. Those are tourney numbers, we would really have to finish 5-9/4-10 to miss the tourney. I don’t see us losing that many.

I think we are solidly in the field …again.

It would take a collapse of epic proportions this miss out.

Obviously they have lost their way, in a big way. They are not competitive a lot. That’s understandably worrisome. No sense in it.

However, these guys have equally shown they got game, in a big way. They can be extremely competitive and talented. If they hadn’t already proven they can play at a high level then yeah, the dumpster fire sky is falling fire everyone may be spot on. Having proven and shown who they really can be should give encouragement in knowing what they are obviously capable of.

Something has happened, Coach A is the same coach that had them playing at a high level as he is now.
I don’t know what happened. I just see a team mentally not focused, not on the same page. Struggling.

I am encouraged that they can find their proven capabilities. But they need to hurry up.