Lunardi's latest bracket

Has us as an 8 seed, with Purdue waiting in the second round.

Still safely in, for now, but not a lot of margin for error.

Yes, we need to put a run together to bolster the resume and get some confidence & continuity headed down the stretch. WPS

Coincidentally, the women are also an 8 seed in the ESPN bracket, with Indiana as the 1 seed.

I think the women deserve to be a higher seed right now! Maybe a 6 or 7. They have time to earn it too!

You get beat 94-47, it doesn’t do your seeding any good. Even @#1.

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Considering the game just before the SC game that also holds some weight. The losses in San Diego were without a starter sick in a hotel. Our hogs are better than a 8 seed. They can and will prove it these next few weeks finishing SEC play.
SC will hammer a lot of teams.

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