Lunardi's latest bracket projection

Auburn and Mississippi State are on the bubble in the final week of the regular season, Tennessee is a 3 seed, Kentucky is a 6 and Arkansas is on the 8 line.

And Bracket Matrix, with Joe and 96 other brackets (it fluctuates from day to day as he drops brackets that haven’t been updated lately, then brings them back when they are updated):

Hogs and Aggies are 8 seeds. Kentucky is a 7, Misery is a 9, Auburn is a 10. Moo U is an 11, still Dayton-bound if you believe this.

Up top, Purdue is still the fourth 1 seed but UCLA is closing the gap. Bama, Houston and Kansas are all 1s on every bracket. Tennessee remains a 3.

This is such a funny season. Clearly, if Nick were healthy all season the Hogs would be a top 10 ranked team, as we were preseason. I thought he looked great “at” Alabama. But, his best games are in front of him. I just don’t know how many will be in cardinal and white unis.

I think we’d be top 10 with TB even with Nick missing most of the year.

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