Lunardi's bracketology

A head scratcher for me. We dropped from an 8 to a 9 (not really a drop that amounts to anything). The SEC also dropped a team out - not sure who that was. Now just 5 SEC teams in. He did move us to the Villanova bracket and Villanova is probably the 4th #1, so in essence, that #9 would be preferable for the 2nd round.

Not that any of this means anything at this stage of the season.

Kentucky dropped to “First 4 out” I believe.

Abilene Christian is new to the field.

Alabama dropped from Lunardi’s bracket… they were a 12 seed last week, now they aren’t even on the bubble (not mentioned as the 'top 8" that are left out). Kentucky also isn’t even on Lunardi’s bubble (nor should they be at this point).

Tennessee (3 seed), Missouri (5), Florida (7), and LSU (9) are the others in right now.

Agree… doesn’t mean too much yet

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