Lunardi updates his Way Too Early bracket yet again

No change for Hogs…we stay a #2 seed as before…

I believe this is the identical bracket Scottie posted 2 days ago. It’s just that 247 posted this one 2 days after Lunardi released it on the 25th.

Looks like you are correct.

I had posted the prior Lunardi update a couple of weeks ago, and I did check to see that this was not the same one as that one. But I missed the post from Scottie that you pointed me to.

I just missed it. Sorry for the duplication.

Oh, no reason to be sorry. I’ve done it many times. These last few weeks there’s so many posts on basketball, portals, and recruiting that there’s no way to keep up with all of it. And it’s always better getting info twice than not at all.

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