Lunardi update has us

As a 9 seed in Salt Lake City vs 8 seed Wichita St. Gonzaga is #1 in the region (West)

I would love that scenario. We get Wichita State who is 1-4 vs the top 50, then Gonzaga who has only played 5 teams in the top 50. Both of those schools are going to be on my bracket to get upset early.

Wichita v Illinois state should be fun today

ESPN Gameday said yesterday that is a play in game, loser is out.

Blu, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. Palm still has us as a 10 seed and on the bubble. Want to bet we end up a 7/8/9 seed on his bracket about 3:00 pm on Selection Sunday, with him claiming that we were underrated most of the year.

I was just about to start a post about this. This guy is just ridiculous, I’m glad some of his colleagues called him out yesterday on some stuff. There’s no reasonable explanation that a 23 win high major team with a 28 RPI is on the bubble. Which he still has Arkansas on. If the tournament ended today (which he is suppose to be predicting) the hogs would be a 9 seed or better.

But, like you said, wait until selection Sunday and he changes all of his stuff for his last bracket, so he can claim he got everything right and keep his 98% or whatever it is selection rate. I’m not even going to follow this guy next year, he’s completely bias, and has shown several times this year he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m sticking with Lunardi and Shelby (USA Today Bracketologist), both of them have no bias and give accurate updates.

Haven’t heard of Shelby before. What’s his whole name and is he active on Twitter?
Just looked him up, I don’t know, he has Gonzaga as a 3 seed. Can’t see that happening. … /98774592/

And, yea, I didn’t notice the Gonzaga as a 3 seed until you brought it up, I missed that. Don’t agree with that at all. They are 2 seed at worse. And that’s if they lose in their tournament. I’m going to tweet and ask him about that one.