Lunardi still has us in

…as a 10 seed.

Must admit, after losing the last 2, I figured we’d be in the play-in or “first 4 out”…

I think Joe had us a little too low before. We are still 21 in NET and 23 in Kenpom. Sagarin 25.

Maybe he’s reevaluated us and therefore we didn’t drop like we could have. Also teams all around us losing 1/2 their games too.

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All of the computer ratings are really helping us. We’re pretty much where we were after beating UK.

People forget about this when spouting off emotional projections about us. Us getting in or what seed we are is not just dependent on us. It matters what other teams do as well.

If most of our pessimistic posters were picking I don’t think we would have made the Tournament since 1995 :joy:.

Btw, UNC was on the verge of not making the Tournament last year and went on a run all the way to the Championship game, which they led by 10 at halftime. Not saying we’re going to do that, but anything’s possible, and there is a lot of basketball left to play.


During the half time of Kentucky-Miss State game, Joe was asked about Arkansas.

First, he said his projections are based on what he believes the 12 man committee would do and not what he would do and that is why his projections are usually accurate.

Second, he was asked about Arkansas. He said he believes the committee will bump Arkansas up a seed or two to account for Nick Smith not being there until now.

The Athletic has us as a 10 seed in its latest bracket revision today.

our NET is 21!
That’s going to hold you in the tourney unless you unravel. Road loss won’t do that. Losing tomorrow will put is in last four in or first four out. Still a lot of opportunities for us down the stretch to improve our seed higher than 10, also.

But you also need to have a winning record in the SEC, traditionally. That is where we are in peril if we don’t take care of business these last few games.

we certainly can’t lose to FL and UGA at home without out NET plummeting, but if we did, we could get it right back with wins against TN and BAMA. Not saying that’s the route we want, but saying there are plenty of games left to either implode, or move up in the seeding. A lot of options. A 5 seed is still possible. So is missing the tourney altogether.

In previous seasons there were a lot of comments and jokes on this forum about how some team’s NET (LSU for example) moves up when they lose. We better enjoy it this season, because we appear to be beneficiary of NET moving up when we lose.

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