Lunardi still has us as a 10 seed

And Vandy in a play-in game against Wake Forest.

He has us against Dayton in Tulsa, with Baylor as the likely second-round foe. I could see that.

That is exactly what he showed for the 4 teams at Tulsa on Thursday. I see where he moved Vandy into play-in status. I love the Hogs playing Dayton, especially in Tulsa. I hope he doesn’t change us or any of those 4 teams. To me, that 10 seed in Tulsa is better than moving us up to an 8 or 9 seed.

Agree. My son and I are driving over to the BOK Center Tuesday for the Green Day concert. I told him we may be back there again the following week. An 8 or 9 seed markedly decreases our chances of getting out of the second round, and a 7-10 game is pretty much a coin flip anyway. Lunardi’s four 1 seeds are Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga and UNC. I would not like our chances against any of those. Baylor, Louisville or Oregon (2 seeds), much better. UK is also a 2 on his board, and we don’t match up well with them. Although if somebody has an off night, those matchups go out the window.

Dayon is getting thumped right now by GW! They could be playing their way off that seed line. I hope they come back. We match up well aginst them.

Pairings are just a guess; I would be very surprised if we actually get paired with the Flyers. They are the regular season A-10 champs anyway and if they win their tournament I think their seeding probably won’t be affected much if at all.

Lunardi is actually on the negative side regarding our seeding. Bracket Matrix average has us as the highest #9 seed.

Yeah, we’re his highest 10 seed, I believe. I’m going to be curious to see where Jerry Palm puts us when he updates, because he’s been about as negative about us as anyone.

I’d be surprised if Palm moved us. He was the same guy saying we need 24-25 regular season wins and a deep run in tournament to make it.