Lunardi still has Hogs as 10 seed

Take care of business tomorrow night, that should change.

Kept the 10 seed and moved from Dallas to Detroit. The loss by A&M didn’t hurt them at all! The only real change came for Georgia to first 4 out. I guess the hogs need a 3-1 finish to really move the needle.

I agree that Tomorrow night will make the difference and he knows it. If I were him I would leave it alone 48 hours too and see what happens with about 3 teams in the SEC tomorrow night.

Hog treat I don’t understand how you can seed a team that has lost 4 games in a row and then gets a win at home and they move up in the pecking order. If it’s just about Q-1 win don’t schedule any Mid Majors on the non conference schedule and grab as many Q-1 wins as possible. By this madness Vanderbuilt can pick up 5Q-1 wins and heck seed them!
Where’s does the real measurement come from. Overall record doesn’t matter that’s apparent by A&M’s record. The top 25 has 2 teams from the American Conference and also in the RPI top 30. Put either team in the SEC or Big 12 and they would be lucky to be 500. Wichita State and Cinny!
Then there’s Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s. Both in the top 25! There RPI isn’t as good. There’s no way to compare those 4 teams schedule to any team in a power 5 conference. Look at thier schedules.
Every year I’m just surprised when the hogs get in. The whole time knowing we will get fed to a blue blood by the refs just like last year.
I hope by Sunday morning the hogs have beat Kentucky and Alabama. It that happens and the seed line don’t move to 7 then the system just stinks.

Not gonna get bent out of shape by what Lunardi, or Palm, or even the Matrix says at this point, because their opinions don’t count. The committee’s opinions count, but we won’t find out what those are for 20 days.

Ohhh yea i almost forgot about the bracket matrix. It’s that time of year again tho

Yes, it is. I look at the Matrix because I find it interesting, and it averages out the biases of the individual bracketologists, but it’s meaningless.