Lunardi said we were in with 22 if

we won tonight.

I believe I’ve been saying 22 would do it–maybe since start of the year.

This has been a very solid season. I hope people can enjoy some of it, now.

I know I am.

And, with Trey T’s emergence and the guys we have coming in (and the JUCOs figuring out the consistency they need) things look very good for next year, too.

I was just thinking about that. Next year, we’re going to be great. I would think we’d be a top 15 team. We do lose Moses, Hannahs, and Watkins but with the recruiting class we have coming in and the JUCO guys in their 2nd year, we’re going to be much improved. Also, people had Daniel Gafford penciled in as a day 1 starter, Trey Thompson may have something to say about that. He’s arguably been our most important player these last few games.

Reply: You have to feel really good about next season, Trey has move pass Kingsley in my book. Although I’m not giving up on Kingsley, I’m just glad Trey has grown up 6’9 at 265

Trey is showing the others players how to play and move. I just wish he would look for his shot more.
As far as Lunardi! I take him with a grain of salt. We should not worry this year about any bubble. Look at the other teams he says that are in. We stack up well.
I want to see the hogs beat Florida Wednesday and then Georgia on Saturday
The hogs have to win for the media to respect our program.
This year we can do some damage! Dance and win a game or two.

Please just make tourney

Conf is down

Nice road win

Glad you came back. Agree about Thompson. He has been a key in ball movement and running the offense. I am glad Mike has it turned around.

What conference are you watching? This is arguably the best the conference has looked in years. You got 4 teams that are pretty much locks right now, with two of them being a 3 seed or higher. Plus you got teams like Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama that can still play themselves in. The conference is much improved and looks like it will be even better next year.

We played long stretches of that game with next year’s team, and we were looking pretty salty. Trey is making a stand that there will be no dropoff from Portis to Kingsley to Thompson. Given that CJ, Bailey, and Hazen should develop a lot over the summer and adding the new guys, well, easy to be looking forward to next year’s team, as well. This one ain’t done yet by a longshot.

I’m optimistic about the 2017-18 season.

• Trey Thompson has been a pleasant surprise, but we’ll still need the El Dorado kid to provide some of the things we lose with Moses’ departure
• Barford could really come on the scene next season with an All- SEC type year
• Macon is only going to get better
• Beard will remain the steady player that he has proven to be

I’m pleased that Anderson is having success and hope we can win more than one game in the NCAAs. He impresses me as a first class individual.

MA is a first class man and a first class coach! Our hogs are back and next year will be even better. I’m looking forward to the “next game”. We have 2 left before our 3 seed in the SEC tournament and be awarded I hope anything but the 8-9 seed line for the dance.
Next year team will need Gafford to play, Cook, Thomas and Bailey to improve.
Garland and Hall will need to get thier feet wet early and be ready by conference time.
We’ve got a good team now and look promising for the future. Almost forget about CJ Jones and Hazen. We will see how Glaaper is when he is back from surgery. Every single one of these young men I hope have great years. Back years ago I could name off the top of my head the names of every player. During Stan Heath and John Pelhrey I could not! I can again. I feel like I did when our hogs beat North Carolina in the Pine Bluff Concention Center and they had Michael Jordan and we had Big Joe Klein and Balentine! We are headed in that direction again

I read somewhere that teams with RPI of 25 or above are in. Below that, since other factors are considered, there is no guarantee even if a team has a higher RPI than other teams selected. Therefore, with and RPI of 30 or 31, there is no guarantee that Arkansas will be in even if they maintain their current RPI.

You are right that rpi rank is no guarantee for selection, since it is only one factor. But if we are to put a cutoff on rpi ranks of significance it should be the top 36 rather than top 25, because there are 36 at large bids. Of course the higher the rank the safer you are, but there will also be teams below 36 rpi rank that get selected due to several of the top rpi teams getting in with one of the 32 automatic bids leaving more at large bids to fall to lower ranked teams.