Lunardi’s Bracketology

He has AR as a 9 seed.

8 SEC teams currently in. Georgia is among the 1st four out. Possibly 9 SEC teams could end up in.

Three teams we’ve played (OOC) are currently projected in: Houston, UNC, and OU.

Also, UAPB is listed.

A lot of these in-season projections are based on RPI. However, we still need to get to .500 (i.3., we must win 9 SEC games) in conference or we’re pretty much toast. I believe I’m correct in saying that no SEC team (unless, perhaps, it was some team that got hot and won the automatic bid by winning the SEC Tournament) has made the NCAA Tournament. That goes not only for us, but for any SEC team. That’s why I think the conference will end up getting 6 or 7 in the Tournament - other “bubble” teams will fail the .500 conference record test.

That means we have to win at least one game on the road, and that’s IF we don’t drop another at home (and Kentucky is coming to Fayetteville). In reality, we need to win at least a couple on the road, IMO.

Sure wished we would win tomorrow night, somehow,someway…

Now there’s a story…starting conference play in the SWAC, UAPB was 0-14. Currently atop the conference at 6-0, 6-14.