Lunardi picks the Hogs for Elite Eight (paywall)

He also picks Utah State to beat TTech and ORU to beat Tattoo U, which would set up the bracket nicely for a meeting with Baylor.

Thanks for the link. Please update your post with what Tattoo U means. :slight_smile:

Ha Ha Ha…good one

It’s there now.

Did you also see where he picked the Hogs #5 overall after the end of the tourney. He had Bama in the final four. His final field rankings were:

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Baylor
  3. Illinois
  4. Bama
  5. Hogs
  6. Mich
  7. Tie: Iowa and Houston

He had the Elite 8 as all 4 #1 seeds, 3, #2 seeds (OH ST eliminated early) and #3 seed Arkansas!

Also known as TattoOSU. The capitalization is for tosu or the suckeyes (Jeff’s other name for them.) If you will recall, before Arkansas played them in the Sugar Bowl, it became know that 5 of their players had received impermissible benefits. Sweater vest decided to suspend those players for 5 games in the next season. Of course, most of those players went pro so they were never punished.

Thanks for the link, I kinda remember that now.

I updated my post on the other thread with my nicknames to add Tattoo U.

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