Lunardi now has Hogs as an 8 seed in his bracketology

That’s a nice big jump.

I’m sure Arkansas fans wouldn’t mind making another trip to Omaha.

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But only has 4 SEC teams in the field. We are going to have to continue to play strong in the league.

Looks like Tennessee dropped out which surprises me a little, although I can’t say I’ve followed them very closely.

Power numbers I follow has us 4th best in the SEC. Vols up to 4L’s, all vs top 50 teams,
pummeled at home last Sat. by Wisconsin not a good road team. Very good at home though.

Tennessee lost Lamont Turner for the year, resulting in some bad losses. That took them out of the national conversation. At least for now.

Lamont…you big dummy!



Jerry Palm at CBS has us as a 6 seed today. I knew as a Purdue guy beating IU would resonate with him.

Bracket Matrix, updated Wednesday, has us as an 8 seed with a range of 5 to 12 seeds.

We know one thing: If Jerry Palm is correct, we would play BYU on Thursday since they can’t/won’t play a second round game on Sunday.

One other bracket site I saw (the one that has us as a 12 in the play-in game) also has BYU in a play-in game (not against us). That would be a scheduling nightmare, They would have to play First Four on Tuesday and be slotted into a Thursday-Saturday pod if they win. Get on the plane in Dayton Tuesday night and fly somewhere. basically.

I took a closer look at Palm’s bracket. ACC and SEC have the same number of teams: Four. He has Florida in the First Four, which is better than he has UNC and our defending national champs. UVa and the Heels are both on the outside in this bracket, and he pointed out that with relatively weak ACC performance in nonconference games, it will be tougher for either to climb back into the field.

Of note in Bracket Matrix: Because Joe and Jerry hadn’t updated since before Christmas, neither one is included in Wednesday’s matrix (although 44 sites were, up from 34 last week). A 6 and an 8 won’t hurt our placement any there. We’re in the field in 40 of the 44 sites on the current list, with 2 12 seeds (one not updated since before the IU game).

I don’t like Lunardi he has always been one of those thumpers for the mid majors! The SEC needs to show some dominance in the SEC vs Big 12 challenge. Also it would help if Ole Miss would give Wichita State a bearting on Saturday. As a hole the SEC has a lot of bad losses in the non conference schedule! The pundits are high on the BiG East, Big Ten and Big 12. Texas A&M and South Carolina are 2 teams in conference play we need to beat for sure those would be terrible losses.
The SEC isn’t as weak as the pundits are saying look at the how weak they all said the SEC was in football!

Once again Army you don’t like anybody. SMH. He doesn’t thump for anyone, He gives his opinion which is usually pretty well informed, and we’l see in March is usually pretty close to what the committee actually does. If he said the SEC should get 10 bids and the committee said 6 his opinion wouldn’t have helped the SEC any would it?

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Just put him and Vitale in the nose of a space shuttle and shot it out in space!

Its actually Lamonte’