Lunardi moves Hogs up again

Passes Florida State for the last 3 seed.

Villanova is an interesting one on the 3 line. They only have 2 Quad 1 wins.

I think 10 consecutive SEC wins has turned some heads.

Yep, Nova is 2-3 against Q1, 5-1 against Q2. Whereas we are now 11-5 against Q1-Q2. Although Kentucky may fall out of Q1 after the egg they’re laying in Oxford.

We have more games against Q1 than against Q3-Q4 combined. Probably haven’t been able to say that too many times, although you would have a hard time proving it considering that the quadrant system is only three years old.

Per update this AM

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Kentucky did not drop out of the top 75. Neither did Auburn (road losses better than home losses; both were on the road last night). So we’re 6-4 in Q1, which helps us be 12th in NET.

Confirmation that if you win and take care of business , the rewards and positive press will follow. Gotta win as that solves many and most problems,

That’s actually 1 spot higher than Lunardi has us (12th) when you remove Colgate from above us on the NET list. Just keep on keeping on. We are on fire right now and everyone Nationally is noticing.

Does Villanova have a Q-3 loss?
The mystery to me is how the Big 10 gets all of those high seeds with teams that load up SOS and SOR by their 20 game conference schedule that makes their Net higher then they have 7 plus losses and still are shown to be seeded on the 1 to 3 lines!

Nope. They have one Q2 and the rest are Q1. Same as us.

Nonconference losses and best NC wins for the four main Big Ten teams:
Michigan: None. They played five NC games; the best was against Toledo
Illinois: Lost at Misery, lost to Baylor on neutral floor. Won at Duke.
Iowa: Lost to Gonzaga on neutral floor, beat North Carolina.
Ohio State: None: Beat UCLA on neutral floor, won at Notre Dame

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