Lunardi lied with his tweet last week

He said the winner of the A&M/Hogs game on Saturday, would move from the 1st 2 teams out, to “in the tournament”. Well, his tweet this morning shows the Hogs as the first team OUT this morning. He dropped A&M to “the 2nd teams out” line.

well we put ourself in this situation just got to keep TCB and we will be fine.

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Vandy and Hofstra…ugggh… just keep winning…


Just win baby

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It’s really a non-issue. This team is more than capable of not only making the tourney, but being the favorite in its round of 64 game. Its up to them, not Lunardi.

These projections are obviously subject to change, but……

Florida as the 3rd of the last 4 in and Hogs as the 1st of the first 4 out is probably backwards. Especially since these projections were posted after the Florida-Ole Miss game last night.

The SEC Tournament will be interesting, since there will likely be 4 or more NCAAT bubble teams playing to get in.

Florida is vastly overrated.

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