Lunardi: Hogs up to 7 seed

He has us placed in a Greenville SC pod with Duke this morning. I could deal with Greenville (we’ve been sent there before; that’s where we lost the late lead to eventual natty North Carolina a few years back). Greenville is 4.5 hours from Casa SF. I’d be hoping for a Friday-Sunday bracket there.

We’re up to 8 seed in the Bracket Matrix update yesterday, and are included on 110 of the 111 brackets. The one who left us out also left out NET 36 and 38 along with us, but he has Moo U in the field(?)


I see the SEC’s back to 7 teams in now. He put FL back in as a play-in 12 seed.

I think if we end up going 5-3 6-2 down the stretch here I think we will be 7-8 seed.

5-3 6-2 probably puts us as a 4-5 seed, Billy…considering who we will have beaten.

That would be great… we will see. Just got to take care of bitness

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