Lunardi has moved the Hogs to a 6 seed

OH St is a good example of why you may not want to get to the championship game of your conference tournament. In their tournament, they played 4 straight days and lost in the championship game in OT. Probably the definition of “tired legs”. They proceeded to the NCAA Tourney as a 2-seed and lost to ORU, a 15 seed in the 1st round. Iowa, at least made it to the 2nd game, and lost to a 7 seed.


No 4/5 Seed for me, please.

If we can’t get up to the 2/3 line, a 6 will be just fine, thank you.

I’ve already forgotten, what was our seed last year?

3 seed

A 6 instead of a 4 or 5 seed? No thanks. Your chances to get to the 2nd week end go way down. You’ve got to be looking way ahead to getting into the elite eight without having to play a 1 seed. I’ll always take my chances with the lowest seed possible.

Yea well ORU was good

First of all we aren’t going to win out. But if we did, idk, I guess our “bad losses” preclude us from a 1 seed. But Purdue is not deserving, I could see that watching them stumble at Rutgers earlier and then we see what they did with a golden opportunity last night. Auburn with two losses to us (if we meet in sec finals) would still not have a bad loss like us but they would have a more complicated argument for a 1 seed. Gonzaga seems to be gifted a perennial 1 seed ,if they survive their non conference schedule it’s a guarantee form this point in the season. Arizona has a pretty easy path too but may lose to UCLA again in pac12 tourney. What is the bruins ceiling with 4 losses? After these teams you have to like the chances of Kentucky,Houston,Duke,Kansas,Baylor. Wisconsin, slim chance. USC slimmer. Definitely no 6 loss teams on the 1 or 2 line. LOTS of teams ahead of us though. If we get a 4 seed and make the sweet 16 that drastically exceeds my expectations before the season.

  1. Beat Kentucky
  2. Win sec tourney
  3. Make second weekend of the madness
  4. Fill the superdome with hog calls
    (2-4 may have to wait until next season)

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