Lunardi has a way-too-early bracket out

Hogs as 3 seed in the West regional. Bama is the 1 seed in the East. Other 1s are Gonzaga, UCLA and Kansas.

Interesting. UCLA made an incredible run and I’m not sure who all is coming back but they’ve got a shot if all return. I enjoyed watching why oats did this year but I don’t think they’ll be better than last year. I’m a bit concerned about our roster but definitely think we will be better than last year. So I think we can be a 2. Don’t think Bama will be a 1. Zags probably will be and who knows with Kansas.

How true. They may not even be eligible for the post season, if this mysterious NCAA appointed independent council ever comes to a conclusion on any penalties. It’s only been, what a 2 or 3 year review so far for the NCAA.

I would have bet it was impossible to handle infractions cases any worse/slower than the NCAA already did. The IARP has proven me wrong.

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