Lunardi drops the top of the SEC in his bracketology

I guess Joe has lost confidence in Bama and the Hogs the last month. His latest bracketology dropped Bama from a 2 seed to 3 and dropped the Hogs from a 3 to a 4. He now has both TN and KY as 4 seeds. Auburn is a 6 seed, FL is up to an 8, and LSU dropped to a 10. I guess we’ll just have to prove him wrong again for a 2nd year.

That’s still really good to me😆

I wouldn’t call a #4 seed bad number. But I don’t view dropping from as high as a #9 ranking to as low as a #16 ranking as being a good thing. Obviously, both numbers are pretty meaningless since it’s just a pre-season guess.

Hogs grabbed the initial headlines with impact transfers and that got them to a high preseason ranking. But then other schools started getting impact transfers and pushed the Hogs down the ranking.

Same thing happens in the regular season. It is more important fir your ranking to win big games in February than in December.

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