Lunardi bumps us up

Thanks to not only Houston but also Ohio State losing today.

And Wisconsin lost to Nebraska at home (worse than us losing to Vandy or Hofstra; Huskers are 38 spots below Hofstra and 70 spots below Vandy in NET this morning).

Have I ever mentioned how nauseating all the Big 10 love is?

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I think you brought it up a time or two…


We may have to beat LSU to get a 4. Obviously depends on what happens to everyone like we see today. I’d think if we won that one we shouldn’t have to beat Auburn to stay there.

We’re still a 4 at the Matrix, for what that’s worth. I wouldn’t think losing to a 3 seed on the road would ding us too much, especially fighting back from 24 down to have a shot to tie at the end. But we shall see in about 170 hours.

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Don’t recall you ever mentioning it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m cheering for Missouri to beat them actually.

I would love to see Missouri beat Ole Miss and LSU! It would be nice to see our hogs play any team laying 3 games in 3 days. That would be a huge advantage!

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Kentucky a 6 and Kansas a 4 after Kentucky destroyed Kansas at Kansas. Kentucky plays in a much stronger conf. Who knows? Go Hogs!!

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