Lunardi bumps us down to a 10 seed

In today’s bracketology update. Impossible to tell whether we’re the best or worst 10th seed, but we’re not in the last four byes. He has four SEC teams in the field, with EOE in the first four out and Vandy working their way into “next four out” after beating EOE last night. SoCar is somehow still a 7 seed despite their continued freefall. At some point they have to fall into bubble range if they don’t start winning.

In Bracket Matrix, we’re the last 9 seed today, listed on every one of their 115 brackets surveyed. Range of projections is one 7 seed to one 12. With an average of 9.37, obviously most of the rest are 9s and 10s. SoCar is a 7 there too, and Florida and UK are both 3s. They also have EOE in first four out (listed in 23 brackets) and Vandy in next four out (16 brackets).

Vandy and Ole Miss and play there way in. There’s no way the committee will over look Vandy’s SOS “3” ! Head to head and common opponent are some of the factors they have used before. Vandy beating Iowa State may make the difference for them to get in over a few in the Big 12 as well as the Big 10!
Two blinds resumes were shown last night during the game one was Arkansas and the other was Wichita State. If you did not see it I’ll post it.

I saw the replay this morning and noticed those blind resume items. Vandy still has serious work to do. Run the table + a couple of SECT wins.