Lunardi and the Hogs??

I like Lunardi, and recognize he’s always been pretty spot on with his bracketology. However, this last week, he seems to be out of touch with what’s going on around him. We are in the SEC championship game, and Lunardi has just left us as a 9 seed through those wins. We did a major beat-down on Vandy, but he left them as a 10 seed. I will say, though, that after our Vandy victory, he did move us to the Tulsa regional as a 9 seed. I’d almost take that 9 seed just to be in Tulsa, because I’m buying tickets if that’s where we end up.

We’ve won 8 out of 9 games (and beat the crap out of their darling of the minute, Vandy), and it’s almost like the mainstream sports media has not noticed??

I don’t get USC still being seeded ahead of us. Their only wins in the last month are over MSU and UT, two teams that slumped badly in February.

There’s really no way to defend having us on the 9 line at this point, particularly if he has Usce ahead of us and Vandy just behind us.

It’s scary, though, because he’s usually, almost always, right.

Maybe if it sticks we will be in Gonzaga’s bracket in Tulsa.

I’m sure that’s virtually impossible but that would be about the only way being an 8/9 would possibly be a positive.

In fairness to Lunardi, I will say that he was the one who still had us in when we lost to Vandy and fell to 17-7. That’s why being unable to get up to 7 has been so surprising and frustrating.

Lunardi was off on the seedings earlier this year when the committee released the top 16. I think Lunardi’s/most bracketlogist record is based on predicting the correct teams in the field, not the actual seedings. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was off a line or 2. With that said, Just looking at other teams and comparing resumes, we probably around the 7-9 area, just never know which way the committee will lean. If we beat Kentucky tomorrow, that may secure us a 7 seed.

Jerry Palm finally bumped us to a 9 and Vandy is now his last team in.

We lost to MO, and also MSU at home. Vandy blew us out at home. That is a very big drag.

Now, it really makes no difference what any of those types say or think. the thing that matters comes out tomorrow afternoon. Now there is a game to be played before that. You want to move up in seeding? When that game. You want to be an also ran - lose that game. Pretty simple. updated after our win today, and still we are a 9 seed there.

It may seem crazy, but we have to ask who should we move ahead of?

st marys, michigan, maryland, miami, dayton, va tech, Wichita st, south Carolina…

I don’t see it happening unless we beat Kentucky and then it still may be tough

my opinion is we have a strong argument to be above all those 8 seeds and Maryland or Miami on the 7 line… but we have to beat kentucky to get the committee to see it that way at all

Our RPI is 25 ! Those bad losses are killing us. If we win tomorrow and don’t move then it’s all about money and we’ll just have to live with it.
Our hogs need to play inspired tomorrow it’s a free shot at Kentucky whom may be playing for a 1 seed.
The experience the hogs will gain will help the team for next year and beyond. Win one at least. They are all smart enough to look at back at the reason the seeding is so lack luster the bad losses and be more focused next year and beyond. MA is doing more with less. That will change by winning.