Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a huge man now. He told me yesterday that he’s 325. Looked good yesterday. I don’t see anyone beating him out if he stays healthy. I watched all of practice. He’s a physical beast and can play anywhere in line. Chamblee worked behind him. I like him too.


Clay what are your thoughts on the overall team ? Depth ? Speed? Attitude?


Great to hear that from you, Clay

Thanks, Clay.

It’s better in all respects.


Does Luke still have a covid year left or is this his last year of eligibility?

From what I can add up,every OL starter has at least another year to play after this year except Wagner. In fact, it looks like Wagner is the only OL that is out of eligibility after this season.

I believe that’s correct, but I would not expect Stromberg back.

Any chance we will get a state of the Hawgs with some more details ???

I did write my thoughts for Hogs+. And I was miked for an entire practice. Those both should be out soon.

I wrote a couple of pieces for the NWDG’s football tab this week.

Excellent piece on Hogs+. Good insights as always.

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