Luke Jones to Notre Dame

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But not unexpected given the coaching change and the historical success of the Irish, plus the fact that it is just a great school.

Hate to see good homegrown kids leave, especially at a position of need.

Good luck to this young man…except when the Hogs visit South Bend in 2020.

When he made the unofficial trip to South Bend, you could feel the tide turning.

When Arkansas changed staffs and he took the official to Notre Dame, it became too much to overcome - same as with Sean Michael Flanagan.

Hard to blame this staff for these two or Bohanon.

Gonna be nice and just SMH!!

He’ll gain a couple stars now.

Left lane. Hammer down.

Notorious your starting to sound like Elmo, geez give the staff more than 3 weeks

Hog2009 is that you?

To be expected… and it will continue to be expected and it will continue to happen.

This kid is under rated. Will play sooner than later. The one I really did not want to lose more so than the other two. This guarantees an extremely weak OL class when we can least afford it.

The unofficial visit to ND in Oct. got the ball rolling. He could see the old staff was in trouble and wanted to check out other options which you can’t blame him. That’s why you try and discourage those type of visits. Again, ND had months to build the relationship while Morris and his staff had days. This and the late hire, early signing period is like the perfect storm for losing in-state guys.

That’s correct Richard, we just have to take the bad with the good on the coaching change. Me thinks its a good trade-off, we will get a lineman to replace LJ, and one that is probably better suited to play a different style of offense.


Can’t imagine any Arkansas kid not wanting to run through the big “A”!

So many of you were saying that it wasn’t worth keeping the coach to keep recruits.

Can’t change your tune now.

It happens.

It is not a repudiation of the current staff.

The three that are going out of state would likely have done so anyway - with the old staff or new staff.

You’re saying that Flanagan & Jones would have decommitted if Bielema had been retained?

They were already looking around.

Jones took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame during the season.

Flanagan’s comments indicate he had been thinking OSU all along. … homa-state

I understand what you are saying, Dudley, and you know them better than I do, but would you say that the reason they were looking around was the fact that they knew the old staff was in trouble and not likely to survive more than they wouldn’t have come if they had known the old staff was staying? Their commitments seemed solid until the coaching change, which practically everybody knew was coming.

Probably a factor, but they were already looking around before the firing.

Of course, the fan base wanting a new coach and talking about it so much surely played some role as well.