Luke Jones scholarship status

The “recruiting recap” article stated that CSP shared that Luke Jones was not on scholarship. Is there any significance to this or does it simply mean that he will not be on scholarship until the Fall.

Not trying to stir anything up on such a positive day but since it was in the article I thought it was a fair question.

That would be on Morris, not Pittman. I am not sure how Luke Jones has been in front of Pittman enough in the last few days to get a scholarship from him before the semester started. I bet with the crunch of recruiting and travel the coaches have seen only a hand full of the early morning workouts so far – and that’s after the semester started. Now, they’ll get to dive into those. But I don’t know that Sam can give him a scholarship right now. The semester has started.

It sucks for Luke, but honestly, it’s better for the team. No way you have a guy like him without a scholarship, typically

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My guess is that is was worked out before. I wouldn’t worry too much about the details.

Is there a place where I can get the names of the 23 signees?

I understand that Luke’s family is fairly well off financially and that might help.

But I also feel like there is likely to be a few extra scholarships after the spring and thus wouldn’t be surprised if he then gets one.

And, he’ll only count against the 85.

Thanks for all the input. I think DD and ricepig are likely onto something with the timing.

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